About Us

Since 1996, TaylorBuilding has managed property development throughout Mallorca, especially in Palma and Calvia, offering the opportunity to build your dream home in the most professional and quickest way possible. We have carried out dozens of property developments, on our website, you can see some of them.

In 2019, our real estate agency TaylorBuilding Real Estate was created in response to the need for a more human and personalised approach in the world of real estate. Hence our motto "A Bespoke Real Estate Agency", a real estate agency that adapts to any situation of our clients and together with our long experience makes real estate sales simple, comfortable and with the utmost professionalism, thus guaranteeing our clients great peace of mind and success in the operation.

Since our humble beginnings, TaylorBuilding Real Estate has cultivated a passionate and diverse team of professionals dedicated to transforming the real estate experience. We are proud to note that our history has been built on a foundation of transparency, integrity and meticulous attention to each client's individual needs. At TaylorBuilding Real Estate, we don't just sell properties; we create memorable experiences. Each client is unique, and we strive to exceed their expectations. Welcome to TaylorBuilding, "A bespoke Real Estate Agency".

Taylor Building Calviá
Carrer de les Sirenes 28 - Local 7
07014 – Calviá

Taylor Building Palma
Avda. Gabriel Roca 16
Local 2-15 07014 Palma de Mallorca